IBX Treatment

As a Nail Technician, as well as making your nails pretty, I really want you to have healthy, happy, strong natural nails. At times, we all need an extra helping hand with this. So many factors can contribute to weak, brittle nails. Poor diet, certain medical conditions and medicines, stress, jobs, and lifestyle, to name just a few.

Most of us have tried the nail strengthening treatments available to buy in the shops, but let’s face it, they rarely work! This is because they are painted on like a nail polish and they just sit on top of the nail plate.

Let me tell you about an amazing treatment I offer… IBX!

I’m a qualified IBX technician. This isn’t a treatment you can just buy in the shop.

IBX comprises of two stages; IBX Repair and IBX Strengthen. After prepping and cleansing the nail plate, IBX Repair is applied. It applies like a clear polish, is heated under a special heat lamp and then cured in a UV lamp. Then, IBX Strengthen is applied in the same way.

The products work together to create a polymer that actually penetrates the nail plate and fuses together the top layers of the nail plate to make it stronger from the first application. You’ll immediately notice an improvement in the appearance of your natural nails, ridges will be filled too!

It’s a really lovely treatment to add onto your usual gel polish manicure. It’s designed to be worn under gel polish, so you’ll have no issues with your polish lifting. Or it can simply be used on natural nails to give them added strength!

Why not ask me about adding IBX to your next treatment.